The Epidemic We Face

Type 2 Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure in the world.  In the United States, the number of people newly diagnosed with kidney disease continues to rise. And  many people do not even know that they have chronic kidney disease. Would you change your habits to reverse your diabetes? Would you change your habits to avoid being placed on a dialysis machine? Would you change your habits to live a longer healthier life?

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What is Reversing Medical Disease Clinic?

The RMD programs take a detailed look at your lifestyle habits. It is as if Dr. Washington lives with you and know these habits. We review what are realistic attainable goals for you. Both short term and long term goals which the ultimate goal is to be safely off of medicines and to have an active fun physical lifestyle.
This program is a three-phase comprehensive program that emphasizes education, plant-based nutrition, and physical activity. Understanding why we make certain choices that can be destructive or constructive for our health helps Dr. Washington prescribe ‘Food As Medicine’.

Music Plays an Enormous Role in Healing

And the American culture has influenced many favorite genres of modern music today. So why not use it to reach out and create an impact on your lifestyle? Rapper MD, the alter ego of Dr. Mary Washington, uses rap to communicate, educate, and share ideas.

As the FIRST
Registered Rapping Doctor in the state of Texas, her songs are an easy way to learn what causes lifestyle diseases and how we can prevent it by changing our habits. By purchasing any song, music or educational video, you will help with the RapperMD Campaign in bringing you more exciting update information that you can start using today.

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