Meet Dr. Mary Washington. A.K.A RapperMD®

Houston’s pioneering plant-based kidney doctor with over two decades of nephrology experience. In 2016, she founded the Reversing Medical Disease Clinic to go beyond prescribing pills. In just seven years, Dr. Washington has transformed lives through personalized diets and exercise plans, aiming to reverse conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney diseases. Join her inspiring journey and explore testimonials to see why she’s not just a doctor but a health advocate, known as RapperMD®.”

Explore our ‘What To Eat?’ event below. Years of expertise have been condensed into an easy session. 

RMD programs analyze your habits, setting realistic health goals for a medication-free, active lifestyle. Our core principles emphasizes education, plant-based nutrition, and physical activity, prescribing ‘Food As Medicine.

Let’s Face it your Medicines don’t reverse your medical disease.


Type 2 Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure in the world.  In the United States, the number of people newly diagnosed with kidney disease continues to rise and many people do not know they have chronic kidney disease.

Would you change your habits to reverse your diabetes? Would you change your habits to avoid being placed on a dialysis machine?


. . .Would you change your habits to live a longer healthier life?


What to eat?Healthy Cooking

Join Dr. Washington for a personalized session! Discover how your daily meals impact your health. Get expert insights and practical modifications for one of your meals. Say goodbye to myths and hello to a healthier you! Book your one-on-one session now.

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Review Lab Reports

Do you want a doctor-advocate to review your labs results and imaging studies? In a way that you can understand? Well you can only google so much but what does it all mean? This is exactly what I love to do & why I create my healthcare advocate, RapperMD!

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Sorrel Symphony: Sip to Summer Wellness!

Enjoy this free recipe. Instead of making iced tea in the summer, how about sorrel? This is popular in the Carribean minus the ‘rum.’ This hibiscuss plant has plenty of nutrients like magnesium, vitamins C & A.

Dr. Washington says that the real plant-based doctors are farmers! # Farm-a-cist.

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Squash Elegance: Rosemary and Garlic Infusion 

Enjoy this free recipe. The star of this recipe is rosemary. We take a holiday vegetable like squash and turn it to a scrumptious holiday celebration. Squash can be used as a based for soups and salads and if you add garlic too enjoy it as a delicious main dish.


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Lifestyle Medicine Overview

Lifestyle Medicine Overview gives you a chance to talk with me. We will discuss your goals, pertinent medical history and which culinary/nutritional program will or will not work for you.

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Reaching the Community

You have seen Dr Washington aka RapperMD in action? She is an EDUTAINER! Book her for: Community Health Fairs or Public School Events or Health Classes and Seminars

The charge of this call will be deducted from the total cost which will be determined based on whether or not we can do your event requested.

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What Blood Pressure Meds Can Harm The Kidney?

Unmasking Blood Pressure Meds That May Cause Harm – Free Guide!

Discover the blood pressure medications that could pose risks to your kidneys. Our free guide outlines which meds to be cautious about. Knowledge is power—grab your copy now for a healthier kidney journey!

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Why Does Blood Pressure Drop in Dialysis?

Unveiling the Common Causes.

Ever wondered why blood pressure drops during dialysis? It’s a common occurrence, especially for those with hypertension. Dr. Washington explains how blood pressure medications play a role. Grab your free guide for valuable insights!

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Dr. Washington is a rare and gifted nephrologist… She is especially skilled at dissecting what a patient eats for a meal and suggesting concrete improvements for how to change one’s diet going forward. 

Dr. Lim

Medical Director of McDougall Project

“…good informative session..better understanding on plant base diet, especially the discussion on preparing food with less salt and mixture of seasonal/colorful foods & the benefits from it.”


“What To Eat” event


I have accomplish so much on the program and I advise everyone to try it. “It works!”



Client/ Patient

I was diagnosed with stage III kidney failure and was referred to Dr. Mary Washington. So I was expecting to receive some kind of medicine but what I got was a plan just to eat foods of a plant-based diet and exercise. Also I have hypertension. After about nine months I am no longer needing any pills for high blood pressure and now my kidneys are back to normal. Thank you Dr. Washington for caring enough to tell me the truth about the foods I was eating that were causing me to be unhealthy


Client/ Patient

“You can be thin like me, but that doesn’t mean you have a healthy diet. It was surprising, as a thin person, because I honestly thought weight is everything!”


Client/ Patient

Why Choose Houton’s Plant-Based Doctor?


Experience the difference with Dr. Washington, Houston’s Plant-Based Doctor. Board Certified in Internal Medicine for 10 years and Nephrology for 20 years, Dr. Washington felt limited to prescribing pills. “I managed patients in the ICU, pre & post kidney transplant, in dialysis units, and covered associates’ patients, but didn’t reverse a single disease—just controlled it with meds.”

In response to client demands, Dr. Washington condensed years of expertise and physician-led plant-based courses to create programs that reverse chronic kidney diseases, cure diabetes, and normalize blood pressures. With clear guidance, reliable outcomes, and fast progress, accelerate your healthy recovery with Dr. W as your nutritional guide.


RapperMD® Reaches The Community With Her Music

Music Plays an Enormous Role in Healing


Stay Tuned for RapperMD’s latest release.

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What is a plant-based diet?

The plant-based diet is consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds, herbs, and spices only. Excludes all animal products, including red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products. It also excludes any store-bought and pre-packaged foods.

The common procedure technology (CPT) codes for nutritional services are 97802 and 97803 which a nutritionist and dietitian can only bill. These office visits are typically only 40 mins long and often you are limited to 3-4 times a year making a total of 120 mins in a whole year to talk about your diet. Typically the 40 mins visit includes a brief 24 hr. food recall, calculation of your caloric needs, and they will send you home with MyPlate handouts that should help you learn about portions and healthy eating.

WE know that over 10-15+ years the American Diabetes Association and American Cardiology Associations meal plans never reversed anyones diabetes nor cardiac disease. Hence in 2016 Dr Washington created the RMD Program.

It means Reversing Medical Diseases. You are learning directly from her 20+ years as board certified internist, transplant nephrologist and as a Plant-Based certified Doctor. Her accumulative knowledge and years of  managing your kidney diseases plus related problems has created a unique skill set that sets Dr Washington apart from any other nephrologist in Houston.

“IN THE RMD program we perform a detailed assessment. Not just your medication list, allergies, medical conditions physical exam, but your sleep patterns, your physical strength, how you prepare your meals down to the grocery store where you shop. “ Dr Washington says, “We learn YOU! “

This is labor intense and takes many hours to devise a treatment plan to fit your lifestyle and your goals. In this program we don’t just use your pharmaceutical medications but more importantly, whole plant-based food prescriptions MUST be incorporated into the plan in order for you to successfully reverse and/or slow down the progression of your chronic diseases. Not every specialist has taken the time to learn these extra skills. 

Still unsure? Book yourself a nutritional consult through your PCP or your insurance plan. Then book a Lifestyle Medicine Overview Consult with us. Check out the videos, testimonials, or contact family members who have used our services and then judge for yourself. 

Yes, Dr. Washington has been able to reverse Hypertension & Type 2 Diabetes in some of her patients.These numbers continue to grow. A few were even able to get off dialysis. Clients have allowed us to share their amazing, yet difficult journey on our various social media/website platforms.

I will not create one for you. Why? Anyone can go online & look up recipes.  My clients took cooking classes, purchase plant- based food books , try various diet plans, pay people to cook meals for them on and on. About a year later they all have FAILED !!. They put the weight back on, if not more #’s; had to restart blood pressure medications ; had to start back on diabetic medications; or even restart dialysis. Sadly they just do not succeed. These statistics are close to the general population as well.

This is a lifestyle change and change is difficult.

Dr Washington doesn’t want to be your kidney specialist for 10 years. She wants you to say in 10 years, “ Dr Washington is the one that help me take back control of my health. She showed me through her program how to make the dietary food Rx, lifestyle changes that I have been able to do and still doing . .. For the rest of my life!”

Nephrology is the study of kidney diseases and its related complications. Glomerular diseases like Lupus Nephritis, Diabetic Nephropathy, Goodpasture’s syndrome. Protein and/or blood in the urine. Kidney stones and the type of stone; high blood pressure; electrolyte disorders like high potassium/ low sodium. We manage kidney failure with dialysis and their various treatment modalities. Transplantation. Dialysis in a center, at home, care while in the hospital and even critical care while in the Intensive Care units. The kidneys are part of the circulatory system and so many conditions can effect these vital yet critical organs to live.

The #1 cause of death in people with chronic kidney disease is a heart attack!! Most people walk around and don’t even know they have kidney disease nor heart disease. They don’t even know if they have one or 2 functional kidneys. Look just because you make urine does not mean that your kidneys are healthy. Why? The kidney has several functions and we make sure you know what they are.

Data from the American Heart Association and Stroke centers from the Mayo Clinic shows that high blood pressure is still a silent killer. By the time a person presents with his/her first heart attack they have elevated blood pressure or by the time a person presents with his/her first stroke ( ischemic, transit, hemorrhagic) they have a history of elevated blood pressure.

The definitions of what is elevated pre-hypertension, hypertension, stage 1 or 2 has changed at least 5 times since I have graduated from medical school!

Needless to say, a safe goal is to have your blood pressure equal too or less than 120/80 mmHg.