Hello! I’m Dr. Washington


Mary Washington is the eclectic mastermind and passionate doctor behind our feisty Rapper MD. She is an accomplished nephrologist, specializing in kidney disease, kidney transplantation, hypertension, and dialysis. Dr. Washington earned her medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed her internal medicine residency/nephrology fellowship at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. She landed her first job near the Mexican border (Harlingen, Texas) where she immersed herself in the culture of the Texas Valley.
Through her work and travels Dr. Washington became sensitive to the prevalence of diabetes and high blood pressure in the African-American/Latin American communities – thus her alter-ego, “RapperMD” was born.
Moving to Houston, Board Certified in Internal Medicine for 10 years and Nephrology for 20 years, Dr. Washington felt she was only licensed to push pills!

My Expertise

The Healthy Way

She lives a healthy lifestyle and was fortunate to have these values ingrained into her as a child. However being a member of a doctor group with the constraints of limited time to see so many patients- in dialysis units, critical care patients in the hospital – and insurance companies dictating what they will or will not pay…she had enough.

Dr. Washington became frustrated with this type of practice and knew she could do more by focusing on the number one cause of Kidney Failure in the World….Diabetes. With a different approach, she could focus on changing behaviors that led to kidney failure in her patient population as opposed to placing them on dialysis or recommend organ transplants with yet more medicines with their complications.

Hence the formation of the Reversing Medical Disease Clinic in 2016. In the last 2-3 years, she did just that…Dr. Washington customizes diets/exercise plans/and passionately educates her clients motivating them to take back control of their health.

Making the time to updated herself regarding plant-based nutrition, lifestyle modification courses, sharpening the culinary medicine skills she has learned that there is a new residency being born…Lifestyle Medicine Doctors. What’s even more fascinating is the vast amount of scientific data supporting reversing high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and yes chronic kidney diseases. All of which has been existing the same number of years Dr. Washington has practice in Texas if not more!!

It’s a journey but the success stories (see testimonials) remind her as to why she became not only a doctor but a health advocate, know as RapperMD.



Our Mission is to Empowered the Community


Who is Rapper MD?

Rapper MD is feisty and intriguing. But did you know that the mastermind behind this hip hop queen is a passionate doctor?

Mary Washington, also known as Rapper MD, is an accomplished nephrologist. Her created character has a unique origin. Derived from ancient Egypt, RA means “God” while PER stands for “house”. RapperMD’s message is made plain in her name and her mission is the same: to prompt audiences to treat their bodies as godly temples.

Her book, “My Emotional Pleas” is based on real accounts with patients during her first 10 years of practice in Houston. On her ‘about the Author page’ she writes: Time to enlighten, but for me…time to cry.