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Dialysis Information: How Will My Body Change? What Can I Expect to Go Through by a Houston Nephrologist

Are there not other ways my body can get rid of poisons? Why of course. You can sweat, blow out some (ketones/CO) through your lungs, and take medications that make you defecate until your anal sphincter is swollen and redden. But with the kidneys (and you only need one!) Dialysis Diabetes Diet DIE… that‘s exactly…

How to Avoid Diabetes: 3 Healing Tips for Patients with Kidney Disease from a Texas Nephrologist

It’s no secret that our eating habits have a major impact on our health. Nowadays, we are always on the run and less concerned about the radical transformations taking place in our bodies, favored by a sedentary lifestyle and an incorrect diet. We expose ourselves to various dangerous diseases, like kidney disease/failure, diabetes, hypertension and… |