The kidney is made of a unit compose of arteries (called glomeruli) and tubules that filter the blood called nephrons. We have about 800,000 to a million of these units. If you do not act now, the few remaining nephrons that you have left will be permanently damage and there is little chance of reversing the injury. The kidneys… in a nutshell…will die. And that is only a part of the picture because kidney damage is not a solo player…the disease takes other body parts as prisoners! You can reverse some of the major diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, arthritis, heart failure. And in addition to your kidneys, you can save your brain, eyes, heart and your love life. Why? The same disease that affects the kidneys affects these organs as well. They use the same blood supply know as the circulatory system, the ‘highway’ of the body. In fact, the number one cause of death in patients with kidney disease/failure is a cardiac related death. Do you want to talk? Swallow food without it dribbling down the side of your face? Be able to play with your kids/pets/companion without them having to render CPR on you? Or needing a ICD-intra cardiac defibrillator? Then stop putting off these healthier lifestyle changes. If you are African American or Hispanic you are at higher risk here is the important health information to help you avoid dialysis before it’s too late. Once on dialysis will I ever get off? As long as you are still making some urine, there is a chance that you didn’t destroy all of your remaining nephrons. Ask your doctor what is your GFR (glomerular filtration rate). Or in layman terms, percentage of kidney functioning. If it is zero…well! Is kidney disease affecting one or both of my kidneys? Yes I am talking about both of your kidneys (unless you had some x-ray or ultrasound that shows you only have one kidney/or one kidney and deformed other kidney/or….you get the picture). How can I cure my kidney disease? The answer is easy, by curing the disease that caused the kidney problems in the first place. Change your diet! Eliminate completely junk food/process food/can food/sweats/sodas. Eat a green salad with each meal. Yes breakfast too. And if tired of salads (without the dressing/cheese/croutons)…then juice your vegetables. Not too much carrots or you’ll turn your palms orange (smile). What’s hard is you actually doing this on a daily basis. Every time you put your hand to your mouth! Are there any drugs to cure my disease? None, there are many drugs doctors prescribed to you because of the other diseases that go along with kidney failure. But there is a cure. And it is not with drugs. Once diagnoses with kidney disease how to avoid dialysis By immediately making the diet changes that I alluded to earlier. Add water to the mix from the moment you wake up (200-300cc) until you go to bed. That should be anywhere between 1.5-2.0 liters a day. More if in Houston during July! Your urine should be light yellow to almost clear if well hydrated. Play dance/exercise do something active DAILY. Is dialysis a death sentence? The number one mistake most people make once they hear they need dialysis is assume it is a death sentence. First of all dialysis can be just temporary if the injury for example is from taking 3 advil every six hours for a tooth ache. Or from being in a car wreck with crush muscle injuries. This is Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). You may or may not need dialysis. And if you do it is usually not for the rest of your life. The other category is ‘chronic’ kidney disease. And there are 5 levels. Level 5 being the level a nephrologists will recommend starting dialysis probably for the rest of your life? There the GFR is 15% or less. How can I avoid dialysis once my Doctor tells me I have renal failure? The number one cause of renal failure worldwide is diabetes. Along with this people have obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart failure… see where this is going. DIET DIET DIET. See section on how can I cure my kidney disease. Can I reverse my renal failure, kidney problems? YES! How do sodas affect my kidneys? It doesn’t. But you ARE NOT made of 7-up, crystal clear, tea or whatever other liquid form is out there being sold. You are made of water! That’s why one dies from dehydration faster than starvation. Fact: ‘Thirst’ means your body is already sensing that you are behind in your fluid intake. Drink water. Know the 3 things your doctor won’t tell you: 1) He or she has been trained to prescribed pills. 2) That once started on dialysis there is a way to safely get off of dialysis. To find the #3 fact and the correct way to avoid a dialysis machine, go to our home page Listen, Read and get to work! There is information in Spanish too. ¡Salud!