Rapper MD

Culinary Medicine

The nutritional part of the program emphasizes whole plant-based food.

For those who need dietary intervention.

Eat no animals that fly, swim, crawl,    and run.

The food industry’s manipulation has made food to be addictive, void of many essential nutrients, and some are even carcinogenic.

Culinary medicine is the  heart of the Reversing Medical Disease Program!

With the internet, numerous documentaries have revealed what is being done around the world with our water and food sources. Sadly, evidence-based studies have shown the association of cancers, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and even mental conditions like depression or Alzheimer’s Disease are linked to our processed food. Our gut microbiome, along with overuse of antibiotics, has led to an increasing amount of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions that are the root cause of chronic illnesses today, including chronic kidney disease. You are what you eat!

The Culinary Medicine program takes time to emphasize the above points and more. Through numerous lectures/scientific documents/ health videos (see Lifestyle Medicine video section) we carefully peel away each layer of misinformation so you understand why we are so meticulously about the food we use to nourish our body.

— We are meticulous in choosing foods that are kidney friendly.  Meticulous in choosing foods that will help improve your insulin resistance thereby improving your Type 1.5/Type 2 diabetes. The benefits of using food as your medicine are endless.

— If that doesn’t convince you the meals you taste will ! (smile).




Culinary skills.

Meal Preparation and time management are customized based on your lifestyle schedule.

You need to prepare your pantry and your kitchen by buying the  right tools. Just as a blood pressure monitor is necessary to check your readings, so is a  slow cooker to prepare your bulk items  in the time management section.

Eat nothing in a jar, bottle, can, or bag.99% of my clients are not biochemist and it takes time and money to teach people how to properly read labels!

Basic gardening skills:

  • growing your herb garden
  • growing your citrus trees
  • eating with variety, eating with color-->eating what’s in season.

Targets people with CKD type 2-4, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure. CKD1 with hyper  filtration-proteinuria.

Caregivers whose family member(s) have the above conditions are important.

People with CKD stage 5 usually are on dialysis. 

INSURANCES ARE NOT ACCEPTED. This is labor-intensive and involves many hours to correct the  misinformation and unhealthy habits that have led to chronic disease(s).

ENROLLMENT: Initial consult is $75 to discuss goals, medical history, medications and which culinary program will most work for you. Subscription service packages are available.