Rapper MD

Lifestyle Medicine


Your lifestyle Is Medicine! We concentrate on Food and Exercise.

Phase 1:  every 2-week clinic visits for about 3-4 months.

The goal is to break unhealthy dietary habits! We focus on your eating routine, noting how and if it can be adjusted. What tools you have or need for culinary success. Are you well hydrated?  Bowels move more than once a day.  Activities that make you sweat.  We customize a diet to meet these goals.

Educational concepts are required. They will be reference throughout the course.

  • Food logs – What is Whole Plant-Based Food?
  • Delicious starter recipes – over 90% raw fruits and veggies.
  • Water and misconceptions
  • Busting Myths on man-made supplements/vitamins.
  • Clinical visits with labs and review of your medicines both prescription and over the counter.

Phase 2 : Once a month clinic visits for about 3-4 months

  • Teaching culinary skills-meal preparation: using your time wisely.
  • Storage: refrigerate or freeze?
  • Where to shop for quality ingredients.
  • Cost and savings
  • When to purchase organic and non-GMOs? Cage-free vs free-range?
  • Grass-fed? sustainable ? This is an ongoing educational process throughout this program.
  • We add & demonstrate recipes as we slowly transitioning from season to season, raw to cook items still using whole plant-based food.

Upon completion of phase 2:

  • Learn to create your recipes.
  • Learn to take any recipe from online, juice books, vegan cookbooks,
    etc. and modify it based upon your taste and your health needs.
  • We will start to incorporate exercise prescriptions., i.e. playing having fun.
    There will be an exercise history/flexibility assessment/cardiac endurance assessment.
  • Learn proper walking and stretching techniques. This is especially important
    for those who have not exercised in years or who may have a BMI >30. We do
    not want any injuries that will stop us from going into Phase 3.
  • Proper form and technique will ensure that we will be moving & having fun

Phase 3: Play, Relax, Meditate and Sleep.

Most people are 9 to 12 months into the program.

Educational concepts:

  • Expand and learn science-based evidence on how relaxation & meditation helps with chronic inflammatory disease, blood pressure, cardiac disease.
  • Continue with Busting Sports Myths lectures.
  • Continue to adjust the exercise prescription based on the physical exam /exercise log/customized routine.
  • Other fun programs to remind you to PLAY EVERY DAY!
  • Learn Yoga and various relaxation/meditation techniques.
  • Review sleep hygiene/ bust myths about sleep.  Utilize a Sleep log/sleep prescriptions
  • Utilize skilled vendors in these areas who worked with the RMD program.
  • An ‘exit exam’ that looks at blood pressure, weight, and laboratory values and compares them to your progress on your very first visit.
  • Most importantly --> Review strategies for relapses/return of old habits/acute illness.

                                   CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE!