How to Avoid Diabetes: 3 Healing Tips for Patients with Kidney Disease from a Texas Nephrologist

How to Avoid Diabetes: 3 Healing Tips for Patients with Kidney Disease from a Texas Nephrologist

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It’s no secret that our eating habits have a major impact on our health. Nowadays, we are always on the run and less concerned about the radical transformations taking place in our bodies, favored by a sedentary lifestyle and an incorrect diet. We expose ourselves to various dangerous diseases, like kidney disease/failure, diabetes, hypertension and the list stays open. Would you like to find out how to avoid diabetes, without falling into the trap of so-called miraculous treatments recommended by scammers? The key to a healthier lifestyle is in your hands. Read the entire article to discover 3 working healing tips for patients with kidney disease, provided by a well-known Texas nephrologist, enabling you to improve your condition fast, in a natural, non-invasive manner.

#1 Start embracing a green diet

Did you know that a raw food diet can purify your entire organism, helping you battle a long list of dreadful, yet incredibly common diseases? If you want to prevent or fight diabetes, obesity and kidney disease, start by following a green diet, based entirely on fresh, fine, non-processed foods. Also, make sure your body is well-hydrated. You should drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily to ensure an optimal level of hydration and to contribute to a truly effective disease prevention process.

#2 Count on powerful motivators to stay focused on your health improvement plan

Are you looking forward to implementing a working health improvement plan? Do you want to learn how to avoid diabetes? Adjusting your lifestyle might be quite a challenge, especially if, for one reason or another, your family members, friends and co-workers don’t supported this much-needed change. Patients with kidney disease might feel discouraged and tempted to abandon such as ambitious project. If you want to improve your general state of health, it is essential to rely on powerful motivators which will guide you in the right direction, keeping you focused on your goals at all times. Music has a great influence on our subconscious; and Dr Washington , aka RapperMD , uses her childhood passion to compose and produce a cd “The Cuttin’ Edge” filled with excellent rhythm correlated with stimulating words to keep patients on the right path, showing them how to avoid diabetes and kidney disease in a natural manner.  By simply paying more attention to what, when, where and how much they eat and drink on a daily basis.   As a respectable Texas nephrologist ,  her eye-opening book, entitled “My Emotional Pleas” , When Looking At You What A Doctor Sees”,  allows you to understand what is really happening inside your body, while showing you how to avoid mistakes and traps set by a sick healthcare system. Rapper MD holds everyone accountable for their choices.  Including herself.

#3 Correlate your dietary changes with the right set of exercises to achieve your goals

A well-balanced diet is always a must, when it comes to improving your state of health, but this decisive factor has to be correlated with stimulating physical exercise routine, tailored to your own age, needs, body strength and daily schedule. Cardio exercises are a powerful ally, helping you stay in shape and avoid or battle hundreds of feared diseases in the most effective manner. In case you are eager to discover an extremely affordable, working exercise program, contact Rick Tarango, a dedicated boxing coach recommended by Dr. Washington.

Radical results won’t appear overnight. If you want to profit from the best advice and improve your state of health without wasting money and exposing yourself to tremendous side effects, schedule an appointment with Dr. Washington, a very popular Texas nephrologist, and check out her CD and her life-changing book.  Her book ends with a beach scene saying:  to question…to teach…TO EVOLVE.

Dialysis Information: How Will My Body Change? What Can I Expect to Go Through by a Houston Nephrologist

Dialysis Information: How Will My Body Change? What Can I Expect to Go Through by a Houston Nephrologist

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Are there not other ways my body can get rid of poisons?

Why of course.  You can sweat, blow out some (ketones/CO) through your lungs, and take medications that make you defecate until your anal sphincter is swollen and redden. But with the kidneys (and you only need one!) Dialysis Diabetes Diet DIE… that‘s exactly what will happen when you no longer have a efficient way to remove the toxins from your blood stream.

Dialysis is an attempt  to do just that…rid the body of toxins when the kidneys can’t. I already mention the types of dialysis in earlier articles.  But people are still coming to dialysis units daily. So let’s be blunt:

What poisons or toxins I am talking about?
There are many. But to keep it simple so you can then follow the dietary restrictions, one must understand the 5 basic things the kidney does.  1) Control blood pressure, 2) balances minerals like sodium (salt), potasium, phosphorus, other acids; 3) makes vitamin D work; 4) removes fluid-urine; 5) prevents anemia.

And when these minerals and acid is not properly balance, the toxins oozes from your sweat and breath, your skin itches and your breath smells like urine.

My appearance will change?
See section on what’s a dialysis center/unit.   But you will need some type of surgery to create an ‘access’ to hook you up to the machine.  Whether it is hemo- or peritoneal –  dialysis.  Various places on your body:  your neck, groin, abdominal wall (NO, not your stomach.  Food goes there), your lower or upper arm, your thigh.  And guess what?  There is no guarantee that after you go through with the surgery, that the access is even going to work properly enough to place you on the machine.  Why? Not the fault of the surgeon, but the diseased calcified  veins/ arterials you have destroyed with the past ‘umpteen’ years of poorly controlled diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Can I still take Vacations?
Fortunately you can still do this.  Even travel outside the country on cruises, especially if you have private insurance. However some of these insurance companies after 2-3 years switch to Medicare-type coverage and various HMO/PPO programs as well.  We will wait for Obama-care to see how that goes.

Can I still work?
Again, it depends on your company and insurance.  It’s difficult maintaining a job if you have to be somewhere else three times out of the week. And hopefully your graft doesn’t clot off; no drop in your blood pressure; etc. etc….this mean frequent hospitalizations!

I do have some patients who still are able to maintain a job.  They drive themselves to the dialysis center and usually have the last shift of the day.  They do quite well and are so motivated that I recommend they go on the transplant list. I also had a few patients, unfortunately, whose insurance plan changed at their job and were no longer able to receive dialysis at their home.  They now have to change their routine and go to a dialysis center three times a week.

Can I still drink beer?
Well if your legs are swollen and you barely urinate now, where do you think all that fluid is going to go?  All the various organs in your body will be stress with this extra fluid.  Your heart—congestive heart failure, heaviness in your chest.  Your abdominal cavity—It will stick out and you will feel bloated.  And those lungs, well let’s just say patients drowning in their own fluids.  The lungs will not be able to get enough oxygen.

Can you eat fruit to try to regain the function?
Now you want to try and eat healthy.  Well you can’t eat watermelon.  It’s loaded with fluid (see above) and potassium. A level too high makes the heart stop. Normal potassium is 4mg/dl.  Avocado, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas….all are high in potassium.

What other diet restrictions?
Dry fruits and nuts are high in phosphorus.  If you want to cheat and eat chocolate or some ice cream…high in glucose and phosphorus.  Calcium too, in that cheese and milk you like to drink at night before going to bed.  Without the kidney making enough vitamin D, the high phosphorus load now binds with the circulating calcium in your blood.  Why is this bad? Calcium and phosphorus hardens and strengthen your bones.  Do you want your arteries harden? No.  Or the calcium-phosphorus binding to your tendons, heart valves  in or around your joints? No.  These can calcify (harden) and now you have ‘calciphylaxis’.

You say I can’t even take a shower?
If you are on Peritoneal dialysis with a Tenchoff Catheter exiting from your abdominal wall…you can’t swim.  Especially in public pools. Or if you are on Hemodialysis and for various reasons have a tunnel dialysis catheter, you can’t swim either nor take a shower.  The continue exposure to various bacteria/fungi in the water, is a set up for entry into your body’s blood stream. Just  like ants that fine those cracks/or openings  in a cookie jar, the bacteria will find that crack/opening in your skin all the way to your blood stream.  This   leads to infections/sepsis ….even death.  These lifestyle changes are the rule rather than the exceptions.

How long does it take to do hemodialysis? What’s a dialysis center/unit?
A patient usually starts dialysis in a hospital. But by the time they are discharge, the social worker/MD have found a unit hopefully near their house.  And one that the insurance will pay for! Oh yes, dialysis is not free.  Some centers work with patients who are not US citizens and no other resources….$400-$600 per session.

Dialysis centers are usually in shopping strip centers  where a patient goes to get connect to a machine and have their blood clean. Usually the patient is sitting in a waiting room lobby anywhere from 10- 15 minutes.  After all the patient ahead of him or her has to be taken off of the machine, has his/her blood pressure check/gets a post dialysis weight and make sure the place where the nurses pulled the needles out (how you are connect to the machine) on your body is clean and not oozing blood. Oh yes, two large needles (one for the artery, other for the vein..large).

Most treatment times are 3.5 to 4 hours.  Count the one hour to get to and fro your center. And no timely code blue in your center/everyone showed up for work/no interruption from the city water supply  from construction down the street….

That ‘s  about 6-7 hours out of your day.  Three times a week.

Can I visit a dialysis center?
Most centers welcome you to come by for a visit because you are bringing them a potential client.  You  or a love one.  But to witness what I am talking about, one must park outside a unit and see for yourself.  I am sure there is one near you! Watch the patients.  The ambulances, wheelchairs…the truck loading the vending machines.  Yes, as of this article I talked so bad about the vending machines selling root beers and cokes inside the dialysis unit that most facility administrators removed them.  One administrator was even bold enough to tell me she had them removed so strangers from the THRIFT shop next door would stop coming into the waiting room to buy a soda. NOT because of the dietary implications!!!

Drive around the back or peek along the side of the building and see how many of the health care workers are smoking.

This is the reality of my dialysis world.  Oh and let’s not forget who ask for the vending machines in the waiting room in the first place.  Yes, the patients. Affordable, yet, poor diet choices.

Conclusion:  Dialysis indeed save  lives.  If it wasn’t for this technology people who  were in motor vehicle accidents leading to abdominal injury to the kidney arteries, diseases from bites/scratches from their pets, or complications during surgery/pregnancy would probably have not survived.  But I am focusing on the disease that is controllable.  Something you can make a change and for the better…and that is better choices when it comes to buying at the grocery store.

A High Protein Diet or Supplements Can Lead to Kidney Stones or Leave You Connected to a Dialysis Machine

A High Protein Diet or Supplements Can Lead to Kidney Stones or Leave You Connected to a Dialysis Machine

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Now that the Olympics are over and we were in awe by the hard work and dedication to those beautiful athletic bodies, your gym must be calling you now.  And those personal trainers will be explaining how diet is an integral part of your program.   To have that beautiful sculpt physique you must burn off that fat, tear down then build up those muscles. We all know muscle is mostly composed of protein. So we naturally think eating more animal meat is a high protein diet.

Large muscular athletes who consume lots of animal meat are still are higher risk of death than their less-muscular athletes. In fact, just how long has that animal been dead before you serve it up on your plate?  Simple diet mistakes that will leave you connected to a dialysis machine!

Animal meat for source of protein?  What are proteins?

Just a little biochemistry.  Keep reading!  They are structures composed of several polypeptide subunits. A polypeptide is a chain of more than 25 amino acids.  And an amino acid is the structural back-bone of all living organism.  Yes, plants, animals, seeds, nuts……humans. The amino acid has has 3 common features.  A carboxyl group, a carbon atom and an amino group. The amino acid group is where lies the nitrogen atom attach to various amounts of hydrogen.  Bacterial and higher plants can make all 20 common alpha-amino acids.  Mammals-us- can only make about ten of these.  The other ten we have to get from our diet.  Hence the term ‘essential amino acids’.   Now back in the day it was taught that a high source/quality of these proteins are in the consumption of eggs, meats, fish, poultry. And the lower biologic value was in artificial proteins composed of entirely essential amino acids.  (Eggs?  The bird, snake, bee…aren’t we all from a fertilized egg?)

And protein is everywhere!

What test can the doctor do to check how the protein affects your kidneys?

Blood albumin level (BUN) and urinalysis (U/A).  Albumin is a type of protein which determines how well your body is overall.  What type of shape it is in if it has to fight a major illness. Normal is 4.0 mg/dl.  If low just by one point, example: 3.0 mg/dl, this can be associated with over 80% mortality rate in hospitalized patients.  On the urine sample you give (urinalysis) doctors we measure the presence of albumin. Together, the positive protein on U/A plus low blood albumin is a clue that you are losing valuable protein from your body. And there is damage to those arteries going to those kidneys.  Hopefully if treated early, reversible.

The other test is named ‘BUN’.  It means ‘blood urea nitrogen’.  The nitrogen is a component of the amino acid you ate from, let’s say, the charbroiled steak you had for dinner last night. Or maybe the nitrous oxide you had from the burnt part of a hot dog.  I digress, that’s cancer forming.

Remember the amino acid has a nitrogen atom.  And the urea has carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen atoms in its composition?   Urea = urine!  Hum-m, just what are you craving to eat?

Do you know you can get sufficient protein from non-dead animal sources? Yes.

We require about 1.0 grams/kg/day of protein.  ‘Kilograms (kg) of our ideal body weight’.  This is about 60-70 grams of protein a day.  Most Americans eat about 100+ grams a day mostly in the form of animal products.  There are enough documentaries about what is injected into animals pre- and postmortem. But did you know that this high protein load leaves our bodies blood on an acidic side.  Have you heard of gouty arthritis and uric acid? Uric acid and other organic acids have to be neutralize by our bones.  So calcium is taken from there and makes us at risk for brittle bones. ****These are some of the diseases that ex-athletes develop when they get older . Our American diet has a high sodium content as well.  The kidney balances this out by eliminating calcium.  The lost of so much calcium in the urine can lead to kidney stones.  Stones made from calcium and uric acid! Uric… urea, there is that urine word again. Is that what I am really eating from my hamburger?

See below.

Is there such a thing as too much protein? How does that affect the kidneys?

There is a difference in being ‘physically fit’ and ‘muscularly huge’. This is just not healthy. The body can only process so much protein. About 4 Calories/gram of protein is generated with the breakdown of protein in your diet.  This is the same amount of energy from catabolism of carbohydrates. Mainly this breakdown takes place in the liver called the urea cycle. But the brain and kidney does this as well. Excess protein is converted to fat, and the rest is eliminated in urine along with other minerals, like calcium, from your bones. Constantly processing all of this protein wears and tears at the arteries going to your kidneys.  It’s like 50 linebackers trying to get through a doorway at the same time. Eventually something breaks and it’s not the linebackers! A urinalysis test will be positive for protein.

As your workout routine intensifies…you meet the demand by eating more plants/fruits that are high in nutrients so your body reaps the rewards of your hard work. You repair the muscles quicker, replenish your fluids with water and your immune system is at peak efficiency. There will be no need for protein drinks nor supplements.

Proteins in supplement and shakes can lead to kidney stones?

Yes because most people who try to avoid that animal meat to decrease the calories, tend to abuse these supplements.  These are liquid mega doses of protein …sometimes 20 grams or more packed in a ‘amino recovery’ or 8.25 fl oz protein nutritional shake.  And what’s amazing is that these packets or cartoons boast vanilla, strawberry or chocolate flavors with adding no sugar! Sometimes no milk! And ‘light’. You will need a biochemistry degree interpreting the ingredients on those labels and deciphering that marketing code. They are also load with +200% RDA of vitamins.

My point:  people inadvertently drink these protein/vitamin dense shakes with every meal…snack…pre and post gym work outs.  Too many of these are not natural.  It is still a form of process food.

What’s the healthy way to eat and build lean body muscle without eating dead things?

One can get strong and muscular eating plant proteins.  Especially with the style of eating low calories yet very highly dense nutrient plant food. Protein deficiency is rare in this country!! Knowledge to cure diabetes, lower risk of cancer and heart attacks.  Key factors to prevent osteoporosis and to protect your kidney arteries as well is NOT by consuming lots of refine animal products! Knowledge is the key with RapperMD.

You do not need dairy products to get sufficient calcium and you do not need dead animals/fish to get sufficient proteins. Vegetables have enough protein, no saturated fat nor cholesterol and high in the minerals/vitamins/phyto-chemicals needed to create energy for your body to be a lean mean fighting machine.

Examples:  one cup of chickpeas has 15 gram of protein. One-half a cup of sunflower seeds has 13 gram of protein.  Add these to a mix vegetables or a spinach salad.  Top it off with a couple of slices of avocado and who needs salad dressing.  Three ounces of almonds, unsalted of course, has about 10 grams of protein.  And none of that mono-saturated fats like that steak. Black beans, kidney beans, sesame seeds, lentils, frozen peas…the list goes on and on!

Kidney Failure & Pregnancy Expert Tips: Is it Safe to Have Kids on Dialysis? Is the Medicine Safe for the Baby?

Kidney Failure & Pregnancy Expert Tips: Is it Safe to Have Kids on Dialysis? Is the Medicine Safe for the Baby?

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A lot of women have questions about pregnancy and kidney disease so I am going to cover some of the most frequently asked questions about pregnant women & kidney failure.

Can pregnancy led to kidney failure? Yes
In fact some women are fine and not aware of kidney disease until they are pregnant. The diagnosis is new, shocking, and often family members blame the doctors for the complications of the pregnancy. The disease does not even appear until during the pregnancy.  Diseases like lupus, hypertension or heart failure.

What is Lupus?
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Your body’s immune system recognizes ITSELF as being foreign and begins to attack it. Systemic – any and all of your various systems in the body. The brain, lungs, heart, kidneys and unfortunately the uterus as well. The damage so devastating that the mom needs dialysis and the poor baby won’t know what hit him/her.  No blood flow to the uterus…well you can figure that one out!

Preeclampsia or hypertension can exist during pregnancy?
There is that word ‘high blood pressure’ again. A more serious manifestation of preeclampsia is Thrombotic thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP). “Thrombo who?”  A disease that messes with the clotting mechanisms in your body. Women can have seizures as well as kidney disease. This is life threatening to the mother. Plasmapheresis (a process to filter out the abnormal proteins in your blood) may be needed as well as dialysis!  In these situations the baby must be delivered early or terminated in order to save the mother.

Other kidney disease that affect mom while pregnant:
Cardiomyopathy can lead to congestive heart failure (CHF).  Still want to get pregnant?  The CHF is such that less blood is able to be pump out from the heart into the other parts of the body. Therefore, decrease blood flow to the kidneys. If the decrease of blood flow is significant and last long enough in duration, damage to the renal arteries occurs, hence dialysis. Pregnant women often feel tired and short of breath. Wouldn’t have even imaging the strain on their heart has unmask a more serious heart condition. Exercise, exercise! And the importance of prenatal visits!

These are just some of the conditions that can cause kidney failure & pregnancy.

It is very risky for the mother to attempt another pregnancy until the disease is well controlled with medications.  And the medications usually are toxic (list in next section) to the baby!  FYI since most of these illnesses have hypertension associated with them, one class of blood pressure (BP) pills to avoid is ace inhibitors/angiotensin  rennin blockers (ACEIs)/ARBs.  For example, lisinopril, enalapril, vasotec, cozaar, diovan, hyzaar—are associated with birth defects.   Fetus has no kidneys!

Can patients with kidney transplants have children?
Yes, beautiful healthy children!

A transplanted male, with a blood *creatinine level of ~2.0 or less (normal is 1.0 mg/dl), will be just as fertile as a normal male.  And a transplant female can carry a baby close to term as long as she has a transplant kidney that is as close to normal (0.8 mg/dl) as possible.  Serum creatinine is another way to measure one’s kidney function.

* Creatinine comes from skeletal muscle and is filtered easily by a normal working kidney.  Therefore a easy test to order and measure your kidney status. 

Are the medicines safe for the baby?
Drugs taken to maintain a transplanted kidney will cross into the placenta.  Everything mom puts on her skin, in her mouth pretty much will cross there and/or get into her breast milk. Drugs like steroids, cyclosporine, tacrolimus, mycophenolate mofetil can be toxic to the fetus, especially in high doses. That’s why a transplanted patient whose kidney is as close to normal as possible ( for ~ 2 years into the transplant there are no problems with illness/no rejection ), requires less of these toxic medicines. At most, the baby is born a little earlier and weighs a little less than normal.

What stage of chronic kidney disease affects a women’s ability to have children?
None if they follow their doctor’s advice.

Pregnancy and on dialysis?
Usually women who are of childbearing years, started dialysis within the last 2-3 months, good  BP control and adhere to a dialysis regimen, do not lose their sexual drive and have the ability to get pregnant.  Again dialysis is started at stage 5 , GFR/kidney function at 15% or less.

Is it safe to have kids on dialysis?
Well premature delivery is the rule rather than the exception in women on dialysis. There may be some advantages to peritoneal dialysis versus hemodialysis. But a hemodialysis  pregnant  patient  must come to dialysis 6 days a week. She must take prenatal vitamins high in folic  acid.  Receive shots to prevent anemia.  Have her BP perfect  and eat  frequent yet balance/healthy  meals  for  the baby. Fresh fruit, colorful salads, plant seeds (flax, sunflower), and nuts with every meal. That’s right. The fluid, protein, potassium, phosphorus restrictions are not going to be a major problem. The baby needs good nutrition.  And the daily dialysis keeps the poisons/uremia from building up in mom!

Dialysis Effects on Sex Drive, Sexual Ability: Expert Advice on How to Treat STDs that Lead to Kidney Disease

Dialysis Effects on Sex Drive, Sexual Ability: Expert Advice on How to Treat STDs that Lead to Kidney Disease

By - Information,News

Many people have questions about how Kidney Disease and Sex are connected so I would like to cover some of the most frequently asked questions about kidney disease and dialysis effects on sex drive enjoyment and ability as well as what STD’s can lead to Dialysis.

Can I still engage in sexual activity although I receive dialysis?

Yes people who have kidney disease and even on dialysis still have the desire to spice up the bedroom in their relations with spouses or significant others. But what do you do if the disease wears you down or the dialysis sessions are so hard that you can barely walk let alone try to engage in an intimate relationship with your spouse. REST! REST! REST!

Being diagnosed with any disease is in itself depressing. This affects a person self esteem & sense of feeling less attractive. In fact many women, more than men, do not engage in sexual activity when diagnoses with CKD or on dialysis.

In time, as the person starts getting their toxins removed from their body and feeling better/ healthier, this always is a boost to one’s self esteem. And eventually boost the bedroom scene.

Sexually transmitted disease can lead to kidney failure and dialysis?

Yes. Hepatitis B or C, obtained through sex, can lead to protein in the urine, kidney failure and sometimes dialysis. Other symptoms are swollen legs, rashes on the legs, yellow eyes, large abdomen or even cancer of the liver. Choose your partner wisely!

A sexual partner(s) with AIDS or HIV can pass the disease on to you. So much damage from the drugs used to treat the disease or from the disease itself, that one needs dialysis!

Yes, one must protect themselves no matter what.

How to maintain normal sex drive with kidney disease & on dialysis?

First of all, cure the disease. Check our previous NNT article for diet eating tips.

In the meantime…..with your non processed fresh diet, you will have to go to the dialysis sessions as instructed to get the toxins out of your body. Also eat enough leafy green/fiber to clean the toxins from your colon as well. The more you maintain normal bodily functions—eliminate toxins, sweat, exercise, normal blood pressure, strengthen your body….the happier and healthier you will become.

What about men and renal failure?

Men seem to never lose their sex drive for nothing. They can be psychotic or homeless and still manage to find a girlfriend. Hence why the most complaints about and interruption in sexually function seems to come from them. Blood pressure medicines can lead to poor stamina, not maintaining an erection or just zaps their libido.

Why? FACT: the disease that affect the kidney arteries—diabetes, hypertension, the medications making BP too low—also affect the arteries to the penis! Good blood flow with normal systemic blood pressure 120-130/70 is needed to engage/sustain/preserve normal functioning of these organs.

Avoid a Dialysis Machine before It’s Too Late: Important Health Tips, Information on How to Cure Kidney Disease

Avoid a Dialysis Machine before It’s Too Late: Important Health Tips, Information on How to Cure Kidney Disease

By - Information,News

The kidney is made of a unit compose of arteries (called glomeruli) and tubules that filter the blood called nephrons. We have about 800,000 to a million of these units. If you do not act now, the few remaining nephrons that you have left will be permanently damage and there is little chance of reversing the injury. The kidneys… in a nutshell…will die.

And that is only a part of the picture because kidney damage is not a solo player…the disease takes other body parts as prisoners!

You can reverse some of the major diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, arthritis, heart failure. And in addition to your kidneys, you can save your brain, eyes, heart and your love life.

Why? The same disease that affects the kidneys affects these organs as well. They use the same blood supply know as the circulatory system, the ‘highway’ of the body. In fact, the number one cause of death in patients with kidney disease/failure is a cardiac related death. Do you want to talk? Swallow food without it dribbling down the side of your face? Be able to play with your kids/pets/companion without them having to render CPR on you? Or needing a ICD-intra cardiac defibrillator? Then stop putting off these healthier lifestyle changes.

If you are African American or Hispanic you are at higher risk here is the important health information to help you avoid dialysis before it’s too late.

Once on dialysis will I ever get off?
As long as you are still making some urine, there is a chance that you didn’t destroy all of your remaining nephrons. Ask your doctor what is your GFR (glomerular filtration rate). Or in layman terms, percentage of kidney functioning. If it is zero…well!

Is kidney disease affecting one or both of my kidneys?
Yes I am talking about both of your kidneys (unless you had some x-ray or ultrasound that shows you only have one kidney/or one kidney and deformed other kidney/or….you get the picture).

How can I cure my kidney disease?
The answer is easy, by curing the disease that caused the kidney problems in the first place. Change your diet! Eliminate completely junk food/process food/can food/sweats/sodas. Eat a green salad with each meal. Yes breakfast too. And if tired of salads (without the dressing/cheese/croutons)…then juice your vegetables. Not too much carrots or you’ll turn your palms orange (smile). What’s hard is you actually doing this on a daily basis. Every time you put your hand to your mouth!

Are there any drugs to cure my disease?
None, there are many drugs doctors prescribed to you because of the other diseases that go along with kidney failure. But there is a cure. And it is not with drugs.

Once diagnoses with kidney disease how to avoid dialysis
By immediately making the diet changes that I alluded to earlier. Add water to the mix from the moment you wake up (200-300cc) until you go to bed. That should be anywhere between 1.5-2.0 liters a day. More if in Houston during July! Your urine should be light yellow to almost clear if well hydrated. Play dance/exercise do something active DAILY.

Is dialysis a death sentence?
The number one mistake most people make once they hear they need dialysis is assume it is a death sentence. First of all dialysis can be just temporary if the injury for example is from taking 3 advil every six hours for a tooth ache. Or from being in a car wreck with crush muscle injuries. This is Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). You may or may not need dialysis. And if you do it is usually not for the rest of your life.

The other category is ‘chronic’ kidney disease. And there are 5 levels. Level 5 being the level a nephrologists will recommend starting dialysis probably for the rest of your life? There the GFR is 15% or less.

How can I avoid dialysis once my Doctor tells me I have renal failure?
The number one cause of renal failure worldwide is diabetes. Along with this people have obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart failure… see where this is going. DIET DIET DIET. See section on how can I cure my kidney disease.

Can I reverse my renal failure, kidney problems?

How do sodas affect my kidneys?
It doesn’t. But you ARE NOT made of 7-up, crystal clear, tea or whatever other liquid form is out there being sold. You are made of water! That’s why one dies from dehydration faster than starvation. Fact: ‘Thirst’ means your body is already sensing that you are behind in your fluid intake. Drink water.

Know the 3 things your doctor won’t tell you:

1) He or she has been trained to prescribed pills.
2) That once started on dialysis there is a way to safely get off of dialysis.

To find the #3 fact and the correct way to avoid a dialysis machine, go to our home page

Listen, Read and get to work!
There is information in Spanish too. ¡Salud!