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Obesity & Chronic Kidney Disease

There are recent discoveries on the mechanisms involved in triggering excess weight gain.

Cortisol dysregulation and association with obesity goes back at least two decades when doctors were trying to understand “Cushing’s Syndrome”. 

Hormones and Obesity? Geneticist Jeffrey Friedman discovered in 1994 the encode protein leptin in mice. This protein, with the receptors in the brain, has shed some new light on what causes obesity in animals and humans. 

German scientists discovered Ghrelin 7 years later. It is secreted primarily in the lining of the stomach & involved in the onset of food intake and stress. 

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We can not ignore the fact

that our lifestyle creates an enormous burden on our body’s immune system to filter out these toxins (radiation from 5G to plastics inside the fish we consume).  And that the mindset to pollute the very air we breathe, apply toxic chemicals to the  soil growing our nutrients and pollute the water make it seem that we have no hope in controlling our fate.

I disagree. There is a movement growing which thanks to the internet’s abundance of information, a keen individual can take back control of their health.

Below are a few tools used in managing obesity. By no means are these new. Fasting  and eating high fat diets  have been around for centuries.

Ketogenic Diet

Yes it’s possible to do a plant base Keto diet . In fact since most of us are overweight from high sugar intake … it is an excellent tool to train your body to burn fat . Fat produces more kcal of fuel source than proteins/carbohydrates anyway … biochemistry that’s me.

For example I incorporate more avocados and nut recipes in your customized diet. Those with severe cardiac disease I might not add nuts/oils at all.

More importantly you will walk away learning how to create your own healthy fat recipes! In essence…a more balance meal because neither fat nor sugar is the culprit. It is the quality of the food we eat. 


1- An excellent tool to reset your gut flora and get rid of those bad cells in your body . Sometimes called ‘autophagy’.

Yoshinori Ohsumi was award the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2016 for his discovery of mechanisms for autophagy.  He published a paper in 1993 explaining the 15 essential genes behind this mechanism.  Scientist took it further and found some disease process lost this genetic expression like in  type 2 diabetes.  Onto those cells that self-destruct too much allowing tumor cells to grow.

2 – Fasting. The question on how long ? How to mange your medications ? What type of fasting ? Do you continue to exercise? The type of exercise?We have these skills set to manage your condition safely under this program.

We naturally fast every time we go to sleep.  And break the fast within the first 1-2 hours upon awakening. There are water fast, herbal tea fast, bone broths to soup fast. Daily fast, nightly fast, monthly fast for religious purposes, on and on.

Some researches feel that the sweet spot is 3 days of water fasting.  With this time we actually activate our auto phage genes in getting rid of aging pre-cancerous cells. Our cells will detoxify and repair themselves!