Rapper MD Day March 26

Reaching The Community

Always a passionate educator.

About Dr. Mary Washington…

She has always enjoyed teaching anyone who would listen about the various aspects of kidney disease and the field of Nephrology.

A past Associate Professor of both Baylor College of Medicine and UT- Houston she was very active on the teaching service for nurses, medical students, and internal medicine residents.

However, in 2009 her passion led to a different style of teaching…hence RapperMD is born. “Into hell’s fire goes RapperMD. Even just to plant 1 or 2 seeds. Seeds of knowledge her path is to awaken. To evolve….. her resolve is not shaken. To save those kidneys she has to fight every day. Into hell’s fire goes RapperMD day after day.”

Below are just a few of her events around the Houston Area:


Houston Community College: Coleman branch. kidney month presentation 
3-18-14 & Houston Community College – south campus.

DeBakey High School for Health: 12-19-14. Agnes Perry – Principal 
Topic: High sugar drinks/ Caffeine drinks leading to Multi-Organ Failure & Dialysis.

Debakey High School: Annual scientific symposium. December 18, 2015.
“Who is the Monster? Abuse of Performance Enhancing Drugs On the Kidneys. “.

Special classes: J Neal, RN Health Class @ DeBakey HS
Jan 12, 2018, for 2 hours anatomy of the kidney/the function 
Feb 9, 2018, For 2 hours of Recreational drugs/sex/ leading to kidney failure.

Sporting Events:

Musclemania Galveston Texas Moody Gardens. May 10 2014. Busting myths about exercises- Are your kidneys fit for cross-fit ?  

June 2 2018 . Musclemania in Galveston  Texas @ Grand Opera House.
Booth RMD clinic / BP screens/ recipes/ Abuse of Performance Enhancing Drugs Effects on Kidney’s.

Parks & Community Centers:

Finnigan park & Heiser house 3-24-14. Kidney awareness.

Men’s  health fair 4-12-14. Finnigan Community Center – City of Houston. Title: Why are your kidneys sick?  and again April 18, 2015 this time topic: Boys to Men Living A Healthier Life .

Día de Los Muertos. at the Mecca on Krane St. 11-2-14. Presentación en español.

September 26,2015 Family Fun Day 10- 1 pm at City of Houston Eastwood Park. Presentación en español.

6th Annual Acres of Angels Diabetes Walk . May 11, 2019.  Edna Griggs founder. Lincoln Park.  Presentation on Diabetes as largest cause of kidney failure.

Special Events: 

Kheppera Book Store on MLK Blvd: “Why Are All Of These Dialysis Clinics Popping Up In Our Neighborhoods?” November 16, 2014.

American Heart Association: Sassy ladies Go Red: A hip-hop healthy heart awareness affair.  However heart disease is the number one cause of death in patients with kidney disease/on dialysis/even kidney transplant. RapperMD has educated and entertained every year for the Missouri Links chapter since the inception of their event  in 2015. 

The National Kidney Foundation @Marriott Hotel. “Ask the Nephrologist”
July 31 2016.


Texas Children Health Fair @ Cathedral of St Matthew  7-26-14. 

Genuine Journey Health Matters October 26. 2014.  Church Presentation.

Radio interviews:

*Mega 101 Mi Comunidad acerca de los riñones.
*To be honest talk radio segment. 11.19.14

Television Appearances: March 26, 2015. Fox Channel 2 segment with Dewayne’s Malone at The Next Level Fitness gym in the West University of Houston.

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