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Your lifestyle Is Medicine! We concentrate on Food and Exercise.

Phase 1:  every 2 week visits for about 3-4 months.

The goal is to break unhealthy habits!  During the first 
2 to 4 weeks you will be eating delicious nutritious raw veggies/ fruit. Raw has 100% nutritional value.  

By the 2-3rd week you should feel quite ‘light’ and energetic.




The nutritional part of the program emphasizes whole plant-based food. 

No animals that fly/swim/crawl/run. The  food industries manipulation has made the food items as we know it to be addictive/ void of many essential nutrients/and even some are carcinogenic.

Culinary medicine is the  heart of the Reversing Medical Disease Program!

With the internet numerous documentaries have revealed what is being done around the world with our water and food sources.  Sadly evidence base studies has shown the link of cancers, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and even mental conditions like depression, Alzheimer’s Disease linked to our man-made food.

One is that most people who have this don’t even know it. Secondly just because you make urine does not mean that your kidneys are healthy.

Our kidneys have multiple functions.  For this discussion will focus on how Nephrologists categorize kidney functions and what we use to determine whether you need a dialysis  machine or not  to remove your metabolic waste products/excess fluid.


Part 1: What exactly entails a “healthier” lifestyle? Sure, you could exercise more and cut down on unhealthy foods, but how long will you keep it up? One week, three weeks, maybe a couple of months? Once you have acquired your new health skills and habits, it is very important to keep it up for the rest of your life.

Electrolyte imbalances include the minerals one finds in your food.  sodium, potassium, calcium, either too high or too low can cause serious consequences.  These mineral or electrolyte changes are usually order on your laboratory test.

The below article is an example of a mineral we are all too familiar with …sodium chloride known as salt.

Sodium chloride is the chemical name for salt. One of the single greatest dietary harms to our health comes from consuming high levels of sodium which mostly comes from table salt in packages and process foods.

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Rapper MD

Rapper MD has also produced a series of Spanish and English songs, which she has used to promote healthier lifestyles and effectively communicate with her patients and their families. “The Cuttin’ Edge,” her debut album, uses razor-sharp words to cut deep into your soul with hard-hitting sounds. The lyrics illustrate the harsh reality of our bad habits such as lack of exercise and stress eating, which lead to the lifestyle diseases that could have been easily avoided.

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