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Teaching Workshops

Workshops are used to teach specific skills.

Let’s participate…

Workshops require audience participation.

Our workshops are led by Dr.Washington -certified in plant nutrition- and/or dietitians, personal chefs. We all know the cost of a plant base doctor or chef is expensive. But the cost of an unhealthy lifestyle is far more expensive when you look at the medications, time lost from work, hospitalization and emergency room visits.

Invest and master useful tools that you can take home and begin to take back your health today.  NEXT EVENT-Because of Covid-19 we are offering courses via telemedicine. Call office for more details.  

Ongoing/prior Workshops:

Protein: Will have an in-depth conversation about nutrition through a whole food plant-based diet. We will address the misconception that adequate protein sources are only from animal meats. We will show the evidence base information on how a whole plant base diet-especially when in season–has enough of the nutrients needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Touch upon the over-consumption of animal meat and products/protein in the urine.
  • Will focus more on food prep and how taking a different approach to eating and disease management is the critical key to chronic kidney disease management success.

Salt & Sugar: Workshop focuses on the effect of salt and sugar consumption, processed salt vs natural mineral salts, we discuss ways to reduce them and how to incorporate other healthier alternatives.

Workshops Structure

1.5-2 hours long. Participants receive a recipe booklet for each module. There will be 2-3 meal preps per class with tasting/sampling of the demo dishes. Each client encourage to bring 1 family member especially the cook of the household.

There are always new packages and topics offered. To stay abreast follow us here as we add new coursesor our social media platforms or go to the ‘Event’ tab on the menu bar.