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Treatment of Kidney Stones

Electrolytes all over again.

The Pain..aww the pain!

Kidney stones are like talking about electrolytes all over again.

One thing that is clear, passing a stone or just the minute gravel is extremely painful. Severe back pain radiating down to your groin accompanied with blood in your urine can be pretty intense. Some people may indeed have enzyme deficiencies that may lead to certain stones like uric acid or oxalate stone …but I am talking about the everyday variety of stone makers. Usually, they are very health conscious so they take 5 to 6 supplements with each meal. Work out with their personal trainers who recommend even more supplements and protein powder to their shakes. Ouch!!

Common Kidney Stones

I will review a few common stones seen in practice and that can be correct with dietary changes.

  • Calcium oxalate stones. commonly seen in the overuse of OTC supplements . Spinach and other green leafy vegetables including chard, dandelion greens, kale, collards, beets, arugula and broccoli, all contain substances called oxalates. 

Oxalates bind to calcium and iron in the body and prevent the body from absorbing these important minerals. Overdosing on green vegetables is pretty easy. Many people are doing this not realizing that they are using far far too many green leafy vegetables to prepare their 18 0z detox cleanse or green smoothie vs eating a healthy plate of kale salad mix with broccoli, beets, pumpkin seeds.

And when we eat these as compared to drinking it, we also reap the fiber benefits that will keep our colon moving.

Calcium oxalate stones are common in people who have fat malabsorption or Irritable bowel syndrome.

  • Uric acid stones. Very common in at-risk people who consume large quantities of red animal meat & wine. These people tend to have very acidic urine.
  • Urinary tract infection stones- called triple phosphate stones. Seen in people who have chronic urinary tract infections or obstruction of the ureters (like in pregnancy).
  • Silicone stones- these types of stones are pretty rare. However, what is common is the number of vitamins/supplements that have this de-caking agent in them. So over time and the accumulation of these pills along with the dye/coloring used makes it worth mentioning.

Regardless of the type of kidney stone one makes, it is important to drink a minimum of 2-3 Liters of water throughout the day.