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Type 2 Diabetes with Kidney Disease

Why eat your complex carbs as oppose to juicing them?

What you will learn:

Dr. Washington will talk about 3 main sections in this service.

-Sugar is NOT the culprit.  Busting myths.

-Why eat your complex carbs as opposed to juicing them.

-The factors that lead to insulin resistance and hence kidney failure.

Type 2 Diabetes: The 7th leading cause of death in the world by 2030. 

The number one cause of kidney failure in the world to date. And as a nation, diabetes often accompanies obesity.

The amount of existing research and observational studies that have been done …over a decade of information.. leaning towards a whole plant-based food diet to cure diabetes was not present to us in medical school. Years of nutritional courses taught by the leaders in their field, data presented by Tom Campbell, MD in The China Study observational research; Michael Greger, MD on insulin resistance; David Jenkins, MD on glycemic index; and Neal Barnard, MD on plant-based diets and diabetes, clear show science-based evidence on how a whole plant-based diet impacts the treatment and prevention of diabetes and obesity.


A WPBF (whole plant base food) diet can not only lower cholesterol, improve the apo-1 on HDL cholesterol, reverse insulin resistance, lower the rate of glucose released into your blood stream from your meal (low glycemic index) …but even lower the blood pressure and help clients lose weight.

These effects are not based on counting nor cutting calories in the diet. And if you follow the participants in these studies…they have the same sustainable benefits …Dr Barnard group… up to a year or more after the study is completed. These same doctors show studies with just the opposite effect with animal protein or animal fat. That is, the consumption of these products lead to insulin resistance and obesity. Consumption of animal protein/fat leads to damaging the endothelial cell , less nitrous oxide production and the inability to protect the vessel wall from oxidative stress we place on it from our unhealthy lifestyle. Other medical documentaries have even proposed that use of the oils we commonly use in American Diets to fry our food is link with destroying the insulin receptors in our body, causing a fatty liver and even leading to leaky gut syndrome.

Other Researchers:

Less animal fat protects the HDL apo A-1 and avoids a fatty liver. It lowers the incidence of coronary artery disease (Dr. Esselstyn).
Dr. Greger even explained why a ketogenic diet can lead to insulin resistance if you choose animal fat instead of plant fatty foods.
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