Cindy Barclay is CEO/Founder of Quality Dialysis Inc. A very passionate dialysis nurse who is the FIRST in the state of Texas to make sure that those who need dialysis can do so in the comforts of their own home. Ms Barclay created this platform to get valuable information out to the underserved communities who are the majority of patients on dialysis. This podcast is a MUST! Submit your questions and your stories to [email protected].

This edition of Kickin It With Kidneys addresses how to reduce the harmful and life-threatening effects of improper diet, stress, and negative cultural influences. Joining the KIWK team is the show’s first guest speaker, Dr. Mary Washington, also known as “RapperMD”

Dr. Washington gives an impassioned, no-nonsense presentation in which she challenges the panel and listeners to take control of their future and make the lifestyle changes necessary for health and wellness.

Listeners will get valuable information on how to better manage reversible diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. For those interested in pursuing healthcare careers in minority communities, Dr. Washington offers practical and straightforward advice.